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A photographer from Mosul, Iraq

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Murad Al-Daghistani - A photographer from Mosul-Iraq


Murad Al-Daghistani  pioneered photography in Mosul since 1935. He was born in Mosul-Iraq in 1917 and established himself as a gifted photographer in 1935. he had wonderful subjects all around the city of Mosul and in particular life on and around the great river Tigris. He would carry his camera at dawn to the riverside to watch the simple fishing boats and capture their work in a masterly fashion. His studio work produced great portraits of local and tribal men comparable to some of the world greatest portrait paintings. Murad daghistani was truly a great artist-photographer.

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Selected Works by

 Murad Al-Daghistani


Selected Works by  Murad Al-Daghistani           Murad Al- Daghistani                

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